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The Benefits of In-Office Orthodontics

We have all seen the advertisements for “do it yourself” orthodontics. Whether it’s videos on YouTube or mail order aligner trays, straightening teeth on your own without the treatment of an orthodontist is often a recipe for disaster. Many times straighter teeth aren’t the only result. 

When teeth get straighter, they often get out of line with the opposite teeth. This means that teeth may look straighter, but you may no longer be able to bite properly.  This can lead to unfortunate side-effects that can include: premature wear of teeth, an open bite, broken teeth, TMJ issues, as well as other problems. While these companies can save you money at the beginning, many patients still need to see an orthodontist to fix their bite once the initial treatment is complete.

Another issue is dental health. An orthodontist knows not to begin treatment if the patient has any dental or periodontal issues. These include things like cavities, gum disease, and/or bone loss. Your doctor will address and treat any issues before orthodontic treatment begins. If they are not addressed, a patient risks losing teeth once treatment is completed. 

Think twice before taking orthodontics into your own hands! Our offices offer complimentary orthodontic consultations, discounts, and interest-free financing. Getting treatment in-office can be much more affordable than you think. Call us today at (615)930-3720 to schedule your free consultation!