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All parents know that teething is a hard time to go through!  When a baby is teething, new teeth are erupting through the gum tissue which can be very uncomfortable for the baby. This is often a trying time for the whole family. Irritable and fussy teething babies are often difficult to soothe.

Typical teething begins at around 6 months of age.  Usually the bottom two front teeth come in first, followed by the top two front teeth.  The discomfort tends to begin several days before the new tooth comes through and may last for several days after. Classic teething symptoms include drooling, excessive chewing, irritability, tender gums, and a low-grade fever.

Here’s a list of teething tips and tricks to help soothe your baby while teeth are coming in:

  • Rubbing the gums
  • Giving your baby a chilled teething ring or spoon to chew on
  • If on solid foods, try a chilled cucumber/carrot (but watch your baby closely for choking)
  • Be sure to dry excessive drooling and use a moisturizer to help ease skin irritation
  • Baby Tylenol or Children’s Motrin (but only after consulting your Pediatrician)
  • Avoid using homeopathic teething tablets or medications that contain benzocaine or lidocaine. These ingredients have proven harmful & (in some cases) fatal to babies.

And don’t forget….  Once those new teeth have come in, make sure to start cleaning them twice a day with either a damp washcloth or an infant toothbrush.  The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both recommend scheduling your child’s first dental visit after the first tooth erupts or at least by the first birthday.  Setting a routine for children at the dentist helps set the stage for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums!


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