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Why Are Dental Cleaning Appointments so Important?

Did you know that children have a very high risk for cavities? This is why teeth cleanings are so important!  During these visits, we clean their teeth and provide an oral exam. 

The dentist will examine all teeth and oral tissues, and he or she will identify any issues that your child may have. The key is to find small issues early before they become bigger (and costlier) issues down the road. The earlier we start treatment, the easier we can take care of any cavities or orthodontic issues, and the more money you could potentially save.

What should we expect during a cleaning visit?

  • Step 1: Checkin Paperwork
    Your child’s health is top priority, which is why we require you to fill out a medical history update for the patient. The dental assistant will review the medical history and perform a quick exam before starting. This is your opportunity to discuss any issues or questions that you might have. We will give you and your child a tour of the office and help the patient feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Step 2: Dental X-Rays and Gritty Toothpaste Polishing
    Did you know that we have TVs on the ceiling? Your child can watch TV while we polish their teeth with our spinning toothbrush. Your little one can choose their favorite toothpaste flavor and we will remove all plaque and debris!
  • Step 3: Flossing, Rising, and Tooth Brushing Tips
    Flossing once a day keeps the sugar bugs away! Sugar bugs is our code word for cavities. Let’s just say that we know how to speak kid! It’s fun and our patients love it!  Then, after a good floss and rinse, the assistant will demonstrate how to brush and floss!
  • Step 4: Dental Exam
    Next, the dentist will perform an exam with just a mirror and explorer, take a look at your patient’s x-rays and let you know about any issues. Any dental treatment that is needed will be reviewed with you by the dentist.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.
  • Step 5: Fluoride Treatment
    Then, to prevent future cavities, we will apply a sticky tooth vitamin that helps tooth enamel become healthy and strong. It tastes great, and your child will love it!
  • Step 6: Dental Sealants
    Dental sealants may be recommended by the dentist. Sealants are a thin, protective coating that is placed in the pits and grooves of the permanent molars. Typically the first set of molars erupt at age 6 and these molars are super hard to clean. The grooves of teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria. This can cause cavities. We typically do this procedure at your child’s dental cleaning exam since it is quick, easy, and painless.
baby brushing teeth

When should I schedule a cleaning for my baby?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Our answer is, “first tooth, first visit.” The first visit is to help your little one be more comfortable with dental appointments as well as gain great information on ways to take care of his or her oral health. We will discuss diet, hygiene, brushing tips, and more. So if you see that first tooth coming in, give us a call and we will be happy to schedule a baby dental exam!

Why do you take x-rays at dental cleanings?

The only way we can see cavities in between the teeth is by taking an x-ray. Generally we will take these pictures once a year at your child’s cleaning appointment. The dentist will review them and discuss any issues they see.

Will you show my child how to brush?

Yes! Our team members are experts on teaching patients how to brush and floss. Don’t worry, we won’t forget the fun! We will give you and your child all of our best tips and tricks. Additionally, you will leave with a fun goody bag filled with a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and more!

Will you answer all my questions about my child’s oral health?

Absolutely! You will have an opportunity to ask the dental assistant and the dentist any and all questions you may have. We look forward to educating you on your patient’s oral health.

Do children have tartar and plaque buildup?

Just like adults, children can have plaque and tartar. Our hygienist or dentist will use a tool called a “scaler” to gently remove any build up from the patient’s teeth. Tartar is the hard stuff that can’t be brushed off easily during at-home cleaning, which is another reason why visiting the dentist is so important!

When should I schedule an orthodontic exam for braces?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child be evaluated by an orthodontist by the age of 7. Just let a team member know that you would like to set up a free orthodontic consultation for your child. 

This is a great opportunity to build a relationship with our orthodontist, who is working in the same office! We make it easy on the child since they have been to our offices already. An orthodontic exam is key in preventing and treating any orthodontic issues at an early age. 

If a patient is not yet ready for orthodontic treatment, they will be automatically enrolled in our free 7&Up Smiles Club where your child will win fun prizes for simply visiting our office!