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Meet Dr. Elizabeth Melvin, Our Resident Board-Certified Orthodontist

Hey everyone! I’m Dr. Elizabeth Melvin, and I have just hit my one year anniversary at Cumberland Pediatrics and Orthodontics! You can find me at our Smyrna, White House, and Columbia dental locations.

I grew up in a small suburb north of Atlanta, where my own orthodontist inspired me to pursue this career. Not only did she transform my smile, but she also sparked in me a newfound self-confidence upon finishing treatment. (And before you think I had it easy, I promise I empathize with my patients! I had it all — headgear, expander, rubberbands, you name it!)

After graduating from the University of Georgia, I then moved to Birmingham, where I attended dental school at UAB. I then finally finished my training in Orthodontics in New Orleans at LSU before moving to Nashville.

Residency was the best few years of my life! I formed life-lasting relationships with both my co-residents and faculty. I have a vast network of mentors that I am incredibly lucky to know. Fun fact: I was the only female my first year of residency, and for Halloween, we were Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

I am also board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. I hope my patients will trust that I am extremely attentive to detail and will do everything I can to create the smile of their dreams.

The ABO Board Certification Process InfographicYou will not find a better team than at Cumberland! We have so much fun together, and you can usually find me laughing way too loud in the clinic. My goal is to create beautiful, healthy smiles that I hope will provide you with the self confidence to live a happy, fulfilling life! I would love to inspire at least one patient to follow in my footsteps and become an orthodontist, too!